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Adobe buys Macromedia

Posted by dom on Mon Apr 18 11:31:19 +0200 2005

Oh shit. What will be the consequences?

What will happen to SVG vs. Flash?

Freehand vs. Illustrator?

Dreamweaver vs. Go Live?

Is Adobe now finally the equivalence to Microsoft regarding “creative” Software?

No matter what happens, one thing is for sure:

We users will continue to see loads of crappy user interfaces.

I, for one, am hoping for a new competitor on the mac, for photoshop as well as vector graphics.

Update: WTF? I cite cnet [via map ]

“After 9/11, we both realized that being enemies didn’t make sense,” Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen said in a conference call Monday, referring to his discussions with Macromedia’s then-CEO Rob Burgess. “We were not longer competing.”

2 responses to 'Adobe buys Macromedia'

  1. Imagine my shock when mbo told it to me just a few minutes ago… This is going to have huge consequences.

    I’d love to see SVG gaining more traction, but I doubt this whole thing will be good for the market and the customers…

  2. This is just appalling. My company were just about to shell out for Studio MX but we’re going to wait for now. It can’t be a good thing for one company to have this much power over such a niche market.

    Still, with CoreImage etc. in Tiger, perhaps we’ll see a rash of cheaper apps that can do pretty much the same thing.

    As for that quote, well I simply can’t bring myself to authorise the purchase of goods from a twat who uses the attacks in New York and Washington as a reason for doing something totally unconnected. Trust US companies to turn tragedy into marketing.

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