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SubEthaEdit 2.1.2 is out!

Posted by dom on Wed Apr 20 19:14:27 +0200 2005

A recommended update! We really improved stability, so if you ever experienced a crash, please download SubEthaEdit 2.1.2.

For all you mode customizers out there I'd like to mention a new feature I did: Now in the Mode menu if you press alternate, you get an alternate menu which shows you what modes you've got, which versions they are and where they are on your Mac. Moreover you can jump directly inside the corresponding mode bundle by clicking on it.

And of course, make use of our special offer! Only till April 29th!

The Mode Menu in all its beauty!

2 responses to 'SubEthaEdit 2.1.2 is out!'

  1. First Link is missspelled!

    Should be: http://www.codingmonkeys.de/subethaedit/

  2. Thanks! ;-)

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