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Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger - No more brightness control on TiBook 800 MHz

Posted by dom on Sun May 01 00:37:23 +0200 2005

Hmmm… after switching to Tiger on my TiBook 800 MHz (also known as most expensive of all Powerbooks, I bought it at the absolute price peak…) the brightness control ceases to work. And I can’t switch to non full resolutions via the display System Preference Panel anymore. Sad me. Of course I filed a bug. If anybody experienced the same problem, or can help, please tell me! Disfunct Display Panel

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  1. I have the same model PB as you (and also bought it at the price peak-ah well) but I don’t experience the same problems as you. I can adjust the brightness and have all my previous display modes.

    I did a completely clean install though. YYMV.

  2. This is what my System profile spews out:

        Hardware Overview:
          Machine Name: PowerBook G4
          Machine Model: PowerBook3,4
          CPU Type: PowerPC G4  (2.1)
          Number Of CPUs: 1
          CPU Speed: 800 MHz
          L2 Cache (per CPU): 256 KB
          L3 Cache (per CPU): 1 MB
          Memory: 1 GB
          Bus Speed: 133 MHz
          Boot ROM Version: 4.3.7f3
        ATI Mobility Radeon 7500:
          Chipset Model: ATY,RageM7
          Type: Display
          Bus: AGP
          Slot: ATI
          VRAM (Total): 32 MB
          Vendor: ATI (0x1002)
          Device ID: 0x4c57
          Revision ID: 0x0000
          ROM Revision: 113-XXXXX-119
              Type: Display
              Display Type: LCD
              Resolution: 1280 x 854
              Depth: 32-bit Color
              Core Image: Not Supported
              Main Display: Yes
              Mirror: Off
              Online: Yes
              Quartz Extreme: Supported
              Status: No display connected
          Size: 512 MB
          Type: SDRAM
          Speed: PC133U-333
          Size: 512 MB
          Type: SDRAM
          Speed: PC133U-333
  3. Others seem to have the same problems in AppleDiscussions

  4. I have the 1ghz ti Power book and have the same exact problem I called Apple for help and they said in thier records Im the second to call with this issues, the first being a 867mhz ti powerbook (the 1ghz and 867 are of the same model just diffrent speeds) And they have no answear yet. They will email me when a solution arrises.

    So far I tried a clean install on a clean hard drive, and also did a clean install, restored my ti with the factory cds and then upgraded to tiger. Problem still persists.

  5. Hmmm…. This affected me too.

    Cured it like this:

    Shutdown the PB, unplugged the power, removed the battery, lifted the keyboard, and pressed the reset button in the top right corner FOR 1 MINUTE (continuously holding the button down).

    Rebooted… All works fine now :D



  6. Hmm… didn’t work for me though. But was worth a shot…

  7. I had been running an external display (an SGI 17” @1024×768) in spanning mode immediately prior to the reset reboot…. Maybe that had something to do with it? Whatever it is, it SHOULD have just worked properly first time I booted it after the Tiger install.


  8. Hey, I’m having the same problem with my 700Mhz iBook. Help me! The worsst part is that it’s stuck at low. :(

  9. Hmm… I would actually be happy if it would have been stuck at low. I’m at full brigthness wich eats straight through the battery…

    BTW: All restart tests with and without external display didn’t work. It was a CRT external display, next try is with an LCD display…

  10. hello..

    count me in, too.. same problem on my TiBook 1ghz after installing tiger over an existing panther installation. brightness keys disabled, only one resulation in the monitor dialogue, no brighness bar there, too.. i tried do reset pram, vram, even reset-all in the open firmware. tried to press the reset button for over 1 minute.. nothing helped.. i called appleCare yeterday, they didn’t even knew about the problem. system profiler says: core image not supported. is that the reason? didn’t apple manage to make the radeon insie my tibook (64 mb graphic ram!) work? does anyone know any solution to that problem yet? please help!

    thank you /tob.

  11. iBook 500

    Same problem, thought that resetting he pram would help- NOTHING.

    I also thought it could be because i installed anew hard drive 2 days before tiger and didn’t know wether the problem was the instillation or 10.4

    Now the thing is that I booted up to OS 9 and i have no brightness control there either.. something is strange here.

  12. Oh, i just installed 10.3 on external drive and started from it. Brightness works. it IS the OS

  13. I’ve had this problem too. 1GHz G4 15” PB. I don’t know how to solve it. Let me know if a solution is found!

  14. The solution from Rob worked for me: Shutdown the PB, unplugged the power, removed the battery, lifted the keyboard, and pressed the reset button in the top right corner FOR 1 MINUTE (continuously holding the button down). I have a TiBook 15” 1Ghz running 10.4.0

  15. Interesting… Used Rob solution, it worked for a day and then the machine is back at the same state: no brightness control from either the Disply system preference or the F1, F2 keys. I have tried again and it did not work.

  16. Same problem here… 1 GHz TiBook, upgraded from 10.3.9 to 10.4.0 and F1 and F2 (brightness) ceased functioning. Also, and more annoying, I can’t change screen resolutions. Someone over at the Apple discussions forums said that Apple is aware of the issue and is working on a fix, but I have no idea when that will be…

  17. some comments from the original poster of the thread on apple discussions:

    Topic: powerbook brightness & other keys disabled redux

  18. I have an 800 mhz ibook g4 and its the same problem, my brightness is stuck at an exceedingly bright level (seems brighter then it could ever get in panther) and i cant control it, ive reset the pram etc. and nothing seems to work, its sucking my battery dry, my system profiler also says core image not supported but in previous documentation from apple, my computer was NOT listed in the computers with graphics cards below core images requirements… so basically this is a bug or a blatant lie from apple.

  19. I just installed 10.4.1 on my iBook 500, no problem resolution :-(

    Apple Please help me.. my battery is draining fast!

    My battery only lasts for 3.5 hours using wireless and with the screen on FULL BRIGHTNESS!! (using a new G4 ibook battery on ibook 500 G3)

  20. same to me. 10.4.1 doesn’t fix it. I even made the full pram resetting, power manager stuff turnaround… :-(

  21. hello!

    just one question.. did you all install from the tiger dvd with a dvd drive in the afflicted machine? i installed via firewire from a ibook in target modus..

    maybe thats the reason?

    updated to 10.4.1 today.. no improvements!

    or do we all suffer from the same hardware problem?

    are there DVI TIbooks out there that WORK with tiger?

    is it all american modells you use?

    i think this whole thing stinks.. to be honest.. and still no comment from apple..

    well.. /tob.

    TIbook 1ghz, US Version, 10.4.1, no brightness key function, only one resolution!

  22. I’m using a 12” iBook, 900MHz G3, and I lost my brightness controls also, but I can still change my resolution. I’d love to hear that Apple’s working on this.

  23. Hello,

    I have a french PowerBook 1ghz/768mo/10.4.1

    No brightness control (works manually in pref sys), no sound control (F3/F4/F5).

    The worst? Sometimes the keyboard stops working in the Finder only, I have to relaunch the Finder to make the keyboard works…

    Last problem, I sometimes use an external keyboard (Macally IceKey), and since Tiger 2 keys are inverted (@ and <), it’s a pain…

    Anyone with same problem?


  24. Hello,

    I have a french PowerBook 1ghz/768mo/10.4.1

    No brightness control (works manually in pref sys), no sound control (F3/F4/F5).

    The worst? Sometimes the keyboard stops working in the Finder only, I have to relaunch the Finder to make the keyboard works…

    Last problem, I sometimes use an external keyboard (Macally IceKey), and since Tiger 2 keys are inverted (@ and <), it’s a pain…

    Anyone with same problem?


  25. I’m having the same issues and have tried every solution I have found on the internet. I’m on a PowerBook G4 867Mhz DVI (tibook). I’m a little annoyed that a bug as obvious as this was shipped with the operating system. This is obviously affecting 100s (if not thousands) of users and the 10.4.1 update has done nothing to remedy the problem.

    From what I can see, there is an issue when the computer is booting up and trying to detect the monitor. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, and when it doesn’t, it plays safe and gives us limited options (lost resolutions, etc.).

    This is my temporary work-around: repair disk permissions. Reboot. 90% of the time you’ll have everything back to normal. A couple more reboots after that though you’ll be back to our original problem. Just put your computer to sleep instead of rebooting to preserve the setup once it is working.

  26. Same problem. 1GHz G4 PB 15”. I upgraded from 10.3 to 10.4. I can no longer select different screen resolutions or adjust brightness. I’m lucky that the monitor resolution is OK so I plan to wait for Apple to fix the problem.

  27. Happy to join u all! Own a brand new (1 month old) 1.66GHz 15” G4 Powerbook, and there you go. At first noticed the screen is flickering. Then almost had to go to full brightness to have the screen readable. What a pain… hopefully Mac’s gonna come out with a fix real quick!

  28. 1.66GHz Dude, you need to take your computer to Apple to fix. Yours is not the same issue as the other folks here. You probably have a hardware problem.

  29. This is totally insane – why can’t Apple figure this out if they’ve known for two months?

  30. I have seen the same thing on my 800 MHz TiBook. Nothing I have tried—resetting PRAM, resetting PMU, long reset of PMU suggested here—made a difference. Same problem persists in 10.4.2.

    I can offer a suggestion though: download the free program Brightness Control. This will allow you to adjust screen brightness to conserve battery life. It’s more cumbersome than F1/F2, but it works.

  31. Hmmm… even with the update it still is dark voodoo. At the moment I’m experiencing no problems. This time what helped was booting once in Panther, and then in Tiger again. I don’t know exactly if this does anything. But this is the last thing I did before brightness control came back. At the moment I’m trying to reintroduce the problem, but I can’t find a proper way to do it. For Apple to fix the bug completely a good procedure to reproduce it has to be found.

  32. same problems here even after 10.4.2. powerbook g4 667 DVI, i can’t believe this still isn’t fixed after two .x revisions..

    Has anyone had this problem fixed with 10.4.2?

  33. Did you try a pram reset boot? here the combination of pram reset boot, safe boot and then booting from an old panther firewire drive restored my brightness.

  34. Hey guys, the problem is not limited to powerbooks. I have a PowerMac G4 and am suffering too. And if you check out the Apple forums, there are a lot of disgusted users with various configurations of desktops and laptops who have endured the loss of brightness control since the bygone days of 10.2. So Apple has known about it for YEARS!

  35. I have the same problem, no resoution other than 1280×854, no brightness controls thru F1 or F2 and the worst problem of all, the screen will suddenly dim really low as in I CAN’T see a thing on the desktop, with the only fix being holding down the power button till it shuts down! I have a tibook 667. this only started with tiger.

  36. Hi, I am experiencing the same problem (no brightness control with F1 and F2 and no control over brightness in system prefs, only the 1024×768 resolution) with a Powerbook G4 867 Mhz and 10.4.2 installed. Rob’s tip did not work for me, neither did repairing permissions and rebooting. I tried the program “Brightness Control”, and it works to a certain extent: it allows you to adjust brightness from zero to the level that you are stuck on. If you got stuck on full brightness, that works, but I got stuck at low. It is very difficult now to read the screen (and I have only one Mac). So a quick solution or workaround would be very appreciated!

  37. For people that got stuck on low brightness, zapping the PRAM (restarting with Command-Option-P-R pressed simultanuously until you hear the startup sound for the second time) might help to get a brighter screen (it worked for me). It does not fix the problem of not working brightness control keys, that still persists, but it raises the brightness to a much more pleasant level. Now it is more pleasant to wait until Apple fixes the problem (if they ever will, since two updates are passed and the problem is not fixed yet…..) PS, the only resolution on my powerbook is 1280×854, and not 1024×768 as I incorrectly wrote in my previous posting.

  38. I’d wish you’d stop mentioning the program “brightness control” – what it does is setting the gamma value of your display, this has nothing to do with controlling the backlight and therefore nothing to do with using less battery power (which is the main issue when you have the problem stuck at full brightness)

  39. I’ve been suffering from this problem as well, but I think I have found the magic combination. I reproduce here the steps I took (thanks to those who actually wrote these directions) So far so good. I’ve rebooted several times and everything remains normal. I am using a Titainium Powerbook g4 1ghz. Your milage may vary.

    1. Shutdown the PB, unplug the power, remove the battery, lift the keyboard, and press the reset button in the top right corner FOR 1 MINUTE (continuously holding the button down). 2. Reboot and reset the pram. 3. After rebooting everything should be normal but you are not done. At root level select SYSTEM / LIBRARY / MONITOR PANELS

    You Will See the following folders… AppleDisplay.monitorPanels Arrange.monitorPanel Display.monitorPanel Profile.monitorPanel VGADisplay.monitorPanel

    Delete the VGADisplay.monitorPanel folder

    Restart the machine… and all is well…

  40. Brightness restored!

    OK - had the same problem and was in a bit of a panic.

    BTW, have had tiger in place for a month without this issue manifesting.

    Anyway, called Apple and their tech walked me through – which was great because i couldn’t read the screen very well.

    From power up:

    Immediately after start up chime ress these four keys simultaneously:

    Option Apple “O” “F”

    Hold until you see command line. Type in as one word:

    reset-nvram < press return>

    reset-all <press return >

    system should reboot with a screen that is legible.

    HOWEVER you will still not have the brightness control keys.

    Apple tech said this issue and solution were in their support site.

    But even with brightness restored, i couldn’t find it.

    If anyone can get brightness control back please let me know?

    Hope this helps!


  41. I have the same problem. I have a 2003 15” PowerBook G4 1GHz. I installed 10.4.2 about a week ago. I lost control over Brightness levels and Resolution this morning. The solution posted by AlienBenefactor on Sat Jul 30 worked as far as restoring my brightness level (I was stuck on low), but I still have not regained control over changing brightness levels.

    I hope Apple comes out with a fix for this soon!

  42. My latest go on this is the following:



    remove battery

    power manager reset button pressed for about 20 seconds

    reinsert battery

    pram reset (3 chimes)

    option-boot into panther

    set startup disk and boot into tiger


    This worked last time. And I’m in contact with Apple and they are working on it. It seems to be a very hard nut to crack.

  43. So folks, forget all that voodoo stuff. It seams a slightly loose display connector in combination with a change in behaviour from panther to tiger is causing this.

    I will confirm this as soon as I’m in reach of some torx screwdrivers. In my case shutting down, nudging the logic board via the modem jack and restarting helped. But of course nudging isn’t a very reproducable thing, so I will tell you if dis- and reconnecting my display connector worked, after I did it.

    We can hope that apple changes back to the old behaviour in 10.4.3, because they know about this. However it could be that this behaviour change had good reasons, so stay tuned.

    (woah… it has been 108 days from post to fix… quite a long time…)

  44. I AM SOOOOO GLAD I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE! its been driving me nuts, not most of all because a friend of mine who has the exact same spec machine, only purchased a few months prior to mine is not effected at all.

    1Ghz Tibook, 1gig ram.

    its crazy that apple cant find an answer for this.

    you would think in testing someone would have noticed that they cant change resolution, or brightness.

    strange thing was, when i first upgraded i lost both sound and video controls, it wasnt until i did a fresh install that i regained my audio.

    now, like everyone else im dying a quick death of brightness overburn on the battery

  45. the other thing i was going to ask, is anyone else experiencing problems with Flash MX 2004?

    ever since going to tiger on my 1ghz Tibook, flash just wont start.

    i have tried starting flash in firewire mode connected to my G5 and it works no sweat, just when its on the Tibook, no love.

    tried reinstalling etc..

    all the usual..

    do you think these problems are connected? from my perspective, they are. i upgrade to tiger, shit happens. go back to panther, everything works.

  46. ARG- its been like 3 months now….and no resolution (sorry for the pun)

  47. I had the same problem with my 500 MHz TI Powerbook after a Tiger install. Here’s what I did for a work around. I rebooted into 9.2, set the brightness to max in the Monitors control panel and then rebooted back into Tiger. The brightness function keys still do not work, but my screen is set at max bright—much better than before.

  48. tried everything under the sun…. and nothing, hope we’re not next in the dark on this one apple! This sucks apple!

  49. Hey Dom, any luck with disconnecting and reconnecting your display connector? I am still only using Tiger on a partition until this issue is resolved…


  50. i would really be interested to hear if anyone else is having the Flashmx2004 issue i am also having. it started as soon as i installed tiger, but only on my TiBook.

  51. Dom, could you share with us the knowledge in fixing a loose connector? My screen colour gets inverted (white turns into blue) every now and then, so I strongly suspect the loose connector hypothesis might be valid. If only I new where the connector is and how I would fix it!

  52. I tried fixing it, but it didn’t work very well. however what i did was removing it totally then put it back in. Then i pulled it slightly outward again, so other connections are made than in the original position. this did great for booting recognition. I now have my correct screen in about 80 % of my reboots. All this is quite lousy technical advice, so going to your local repairman is definitely a good advice, if he has the right tools to see if the EBIB of the display gets recognized.

  53. Just checked in with Applecare techs, spoke with a “specialist” and got the “our engineers are aware of the problem and working on it.” She seemed to indicate that the fix will likely be included in a minor software update in the future. Let’s hope it’s 10.4.3, and not .4 or .5).

    Alan Fadling

  54. Me too! Same problem. I have an older model titanium powerbook G4. Ever since I installed Tiger this problem has come up. PRAM works for me everytime. I agree with Alan, hopefully apple comes up with a solution quick – unlikely!

  55. Same problem with 12” 1.5 MHz PB

    No brightness control – stuck on highest brightness for a month. My eyes are going to fall out of my head.

    Happened when I upgraded to Tiger. Where is Apple? They are turning there backs on the diehard apple users now the ipod drives their market share.

  56. I couldn’t resolve the issue either, and i was eye-sore already. But I found a little little .app that does the job!

    it is called , proper enough, ‘Brightness Control’, version 1.0.3.


    download it, and it will work wonders. it will pop a brightness adjust window. and plus, it has a ‘Smooth’ effect. :-P

    it was originally to adjust the brightness of all the screens connected to a computer(something that can go bad for some users on a titanium with a screen connected), but now they should call it “titanium powerbook brightness adjustment under Tiger”

    hugs, Eduardo

  57. if it is pain, using the .app, there is a rumor about tapping continously the brightness keys during the reboot, after a shutdown. it is said that at some point of the startup the brightness adjust icon will appear, and that will resolve the issue… i have my doubts, and i can’t reboot right now. but…anyway.

  58. 10.4.3 is NO HELP What so ever… it has been over 6 months since the Tiger release. for shame apple… for shame..

  59. 10.4.3 Fixes the problem for me!

  60. 10.4.3 fixed the problem for me as well. F1 & F2 work for brightness, brightness slider is back on the system prefs window, and multiple screen resolutions has returned on my Ti Powerbook.

  61. 10.4.3 fixed the problem for me on my TiBook – as it seems now. I haven’t restarted it that many times though… some of you may need a pram reset and safe boot.

  62. brightness is back for me. something which isnt is a huge thing for me, but still is a interesting issue, you know when you drag a widget onto the desktop, you get that nice ripply effect when you drop it.

    that still aint happening.

    now, i know thats just a bell and whistle, and im not actually that fussed that it doesnt happen, but i guess im just a bit interested that on other PB of the same spec, this issue isnt happening at all.

    allwell.. viva la brightness

  63. 1st: apple officially claims this issue to be fixed: here

    2nd: the ripple effect uses core image, and is only enabled when your graphics card supports it. this is a good choice, because otherwise the bells and whistles would take precious cpu time. on machines which do core image via the graphics card, it doesn’t.

  64. 10.4.3 fixed both problems for me. Both, meaning my brightness keys and choices of resolutions.

  65. It still has not fixed it for me. I reinstalled 10.4 and upograded to 10.4.3 immedietly. Reset the pram, the nvram and beat the darned thing over my head.. still nothing. DOing those things re-set it to max brightness, but after a sleep or shutdown it goes like 75% dim. boo hoo hoo.. any suggestions??

    iBook 500

    please email me if you have any ideas! THANKS

  66. I have had the same problem for a couple of weeks. No resolution and brightness control whatsoever. I’m running an iBook G4 with Tiger 10.4.3. I tried zapping the PRAM and resetting the open firmware and so on but to no avail.

    Having read all the comments on this page, i decided to open up the iBook and check all connectors on the logicboard. All the connectors where fine as far as i could see but i reconnected them anyway.

    I reassembled the iBook and guess what, my resolution and brightness control are back!!

  67. I have had my 12’’ g4 ibook for 3 months, just fallen victim to this problem myself and reading through these posts I thought I’d chip in with my experience of it;

    - It had a fall from two feet, display-first, onto some laminate flooring. That was a very slow second of my life, watching it bounce multiple times, and making an ugly sound of plastic colliding with veneered wood. :-s

    - I picked it up, and to my guarded relief, the display was fine, there were no dead pixels or cracks. The keyboard was fine, the cd drive was fine, the hinge did not seem to have become misaligned, and my user session seemed to have been uninterrupted. With hindsight, that evening I should have rebooted because..

    - I started it up at work the next day, and was greeted by a 2×2 grid of 640×480 tiles of the video output. I hastily went to the display prefs and was able to choose 1024×768 90Hz from a list (and having a list of resolutions at this point seems to put me in a minority), but as has been observed elsewhere, my profile had become ‘VGA Display’ when I’m sure it was not previously called that.

    - The colour temperature seems to have changed to a cooler, bluer white, reminiscent of how the display looked when I hooked it up to my cheap PC VGA flat panel monitor at home.

    - I cannot change the brightness. I am lucky enough to have lost the feature with brightness set reasonably bright, but my ibook seems incomplete without it.

    - Repairing file permissions did not fix it. I first verified the disk before doing this, and it passed that test. It has the 10.4.3 patch installed, and was installed before the accident.

    - I checked my trashcan for recovered files and found only temporary copies of work docs (address book contacts and the like) which were still intact in their proper locations. So no orphaned monitor profile as I was beginning to think.

    This is where I am up to. There seems to be wealth of conflicting opinion, the divide seems to be between whether this is software or hardware, and yes it is obvious to me that my problem is more than likely related to the drop.

    But I also have added in to the mix the fact that I have been using a display spanning tool (which I can’t remember the name of now) which did indeed let me screen-span.

    So my ibook is new, has been good to me, I am loathe to open it up or even attempt to wipe the PRAM on it yet without knowing more; I’ve been trying to resist tinkering too much (OK installing a display spanning tool suggests otherwise but nonetheless..)

    I’d love it if someone who has had sufficiently similar symptoms could chime in here..I just want to be more certain before resorting to reinstalls and resets, I really dont want to have to take the keyboard off either..any takers?

  68. To everybody!

    TIGER is not enough mature. I had several problems with different software. I came back to Panther 10.3.9 It’s much stable. I don’t care about widgets and other gadgets, I want to advance on my work and Tiger drive me crazy.

    Apple now is like Microsoft, I am realy disapointed.

  69. Hey Everybody,

    I WAS having this problem with my iBook G4 933mhz machine. I was also having some other problems (I was experiencing the symptoms that the URL I posted link to below), so I sent it off to Apple.

    From the documentation they gave me, it looks like the only thing they did was replace the logic board, and when my computer was returned, I had brightness control back. I know that Apple recalled a bunch of their G3 logic boards (you can read about it here). So my guess is that this is a problem with a connector on the logic board and that Apple didn’t ever really fix the problem that they were having with the G3s, which is really frustrating.

    (ohh… and just in case that link didn’t work, it’s supposed to go here: http://www.apple.com/support/ibook/faq/ )

  70. Ok, I DIDN’T upgrade to Tiger yet, still at 10.3.9, and my TiBook 15” 1GHz just got this problem.

    I downloaded the Front Row updater from the Apple site and tried installing it using Pacifist and the enabler following the instructions that can be downloaded from versiontracker.com. I think that’s when the function keys stopped working. Maybe this will shed some light on what causes the problem.

    I tried resetting in open firmware, restarting after holding the PMU reset button, etc. I’ll have to try other options; repairing privileges, etc.

  71. HEY I NEED HELP. i have a mac mini running 10.4.3 and there is no way to make the screen brighter!! the constrast and brightness are alllll the way up and this is a very bright monitor that im using, but all the pictures and stuff on this computer are verry very dark sometimes just black!!! CAN SOMEONE PLEEEEEAAAASEE HELP ME FIND A WAY TO BRIGHTEN THE SCREEN!!!


  72. I had this problem from installing Front Row (see the post on Jan 1 above). I have since installed Tiger and upgraded to v. 10.4.3, and I now have proper fkey controls for volume and brightness on my powerbook.

  73. I spilled tea on my external USB keyboard so I’ve been resting my arms on it to type on the laptop keyboard (I too have a TiBook running Tiger that lost brightness key functionality with the upgrade). Then suddenly I shifted my wrists a little and discovered that the brightness controls were assigned to F14 and F15 on my Macally keyboard. Has anyone else with an external board found this to also be the case? A little disappointing to discover this on the day that I have to stop using the keyboard because the space bar is busted.

  74. I have installed 10.4.6 but problem with brightness still here.

  75. Well, I was having the same problem, I have a Powerbook G4 that had the keyboard stop lighting, so I checked the hardware through a Hardware test which did not find any issues with my Mac. After reading a lot of Internet Postings I found out that the problem was the upgrade for OS 10.4.6. I reloaded the update through Library/Receipts/MacOSXUpd10.4.6PPC.pkg. This came up with a window that looked like an installation, after I went through all the screens it said that it had a problem installing and to try again. I just restarted my Mac, went through 2 restarts (like it did whenever I installed the upgrade the first time) and then voila! the backlit keyboard works again. Try that and tell me if it worked for you

  76. I just upgraded, moving my Hard Drive from my old 667 G4 to a newer 800 G4 … and I am having the FULL BRIGHT issue too.

    But… I am using system 9.2.2 … so, I wonder, can this problem be solved with a new Monitors Control Panel? Is the one for the 800 mhz slightly different than the one for the 667, still on this hard drive?

    Thanks in advance!

    p.s. I do use system 10 also, but I want to make sure this problem is solved in 9 as well.

  77. any fix for this yet? just found (if you can believe that…) a tibook inside a bag at work – no power but it looks like it’s been hidden away for a good while (i’m guessing 10.1/2).

    would wanna deck it out with extra RAM and tiger if there’s a solution?

    i’m a webdev so screen res is important to me.

  78. I use a 800-iBook G3. Tried running Xubuntu from a CD (no install on the hard drive mind you) and when I returned to OS X 10.2.8, I lost my f1-f5 keys. Is there a way to get into the “bios” for these macs? On a windows computer you can hit, Delete, or F8 or something like that during boot to get into the Bios settings. Anybody know how to do that for MAC?


  79. Hi all

    I’m aware that this is an old topic, but found it yesterday when I googled the problem which many others seem to be having. Here’s what I’m pretty sure caused it to happen with my system:

    - Corrupt system files. The root > System > Library folder contained corrupted / mismatching items. This was almost certainly my own fault for attempting to replace some of them with older files. Silly.

    The problem persisted because I was unable to revert to old system files (OSX’s install DVD not letting me upgrade since it would technically be a downgrade). Here’s my advice:

    - Find a time when you can waste 2 hours. - Back up ALL of your important files, or clone your drive using Carbon Copy Cloner or similar utility. - Go into OS X. - Insert your OS X install DVD. - Go to System folder in Macintosh HD (or whatever you hard drive is called) - Drag the Library folder into the trash - Watch your system melt in front of your very eyes - Hold down the power button to manually shut down - Start up your mac from the DVD (hold down C or option at startup) - Go through the motions and choose install options - You should now be able to select upgrade, which will reinstall the correct system files to your computer.

    The advantage to this method is that you SHOULDN’T have to reinstall any other software, since it will only be the OS X files which are replaced.

    After doing the above, my mac’s functionality was restored.

    Hope this proves useful

    Best wishes


  80. hello, all… this is an old topic, i know, but i recently experienced the very dim screen issue too. and i solved it. i bought a nice dual usb g3 ibook from ebay ($250) and it ran real nice under panther. However, i like tiger so i did a clean and minimal install (no drivers or languages) and updated to 10.4.10. With main power, it was fine but when i tried to use it just with battery power the screen was very dark at even the highest setting. my battery was strong but i could hardly read text. the brightness controls worked, just real dim. i don’t like the battery power option choices under tiger… i fiddled with them to no end but no luck. i even played around with the custom energy saver choices. again, no luck. well, i googled and found this site. seems a lot of ppl are having fun with this issue. flashing the pram was a joke. what worked? remove the battery, reinsert it, start the ibook and press the reset button for a minute. then restart normally. voila, a bright screen again. good luck folks.

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