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IT Conversations - Recommendations

Posted by dom on Mon May 02 00:03:30 +0200 2005

Clayton Christensen – Capturing the Upside

Really nice. I think I will have a look into his books. He’s got a nice theory about what is a disruptive technology and how it succeeds in the market place. Very nice talk and insights, but what about that slow valium-esque voice? ;-)

Keith Devlin – Math talk

Nice view on inherent math calculations. Also mentions, Numb3rs a new TV Show that I really like which features compelling math in an FBI environment, featuring Peter MacNicol as a really nice Paul Erdos type of mathematician .

Malcolm Gladwell – SXSW Interactive 2005

Snap judgements, and how we can improve them. Includes a really nice bit about orchestras and how they are “infiltrated” by women since they introduced a screen to hide the artist at the audition.

2 responses to 'IT Conversations - Recommendations'

  1. testcomment

  2. After drowning in a deluge of IT conversations, glad to see you’ve given a whirl at recommending some talks.

    I haven’t listened to “Capturing the Upside” yet but do want to say that Innovator’s Dilemma was very insightful and when you happen to finish reading the book, I still have the ‘Book Group Guide’ to attack if you want to ping me :)

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