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10.4: QuickTime Player fullscreen for free

Posted by dom on Tue May 03 17:33:30 +0200 2005

Just being inspired by macosxhints, I tried the following AppleScript:

tell application "QuickTime Player"
present front movie
end tell

Now put it in ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/Quicktime Player/Present.scpt. Enable the Script Menu via /Applications/AppleScript/AppleScript Utility.app, and off you go. You now may present any movie openend in QuickTime. Long live the AppleScript!

7 responses to '10.4: QuickTime Player fullscreen for free'

  1. Hilarious! :-)

  2. Or how about…

    alias fullscreen osascript -e \’tell application \”QuickTime Player\” to present front movie\’

  3. Though if I’d read the comments on macosxhints that would have been obvious :-\

  4. At the time i wrote this there were no comments at macosxhints :-)

  5. I guess I should up the ante and make it a Finder plugin for Automator then.

  6. for anyone curious if this tip works for Panther – it works great on 10.3.9!

    thanks, alf, for the cmdline version – kinda neat!

    the example above makes an application specific script show up at the bottom of my global script menu.

    Does anyone know how to enable the application specific script menu in QuickTime Player? In Mail.app it shows up to the left of the Help menu for example.

  7. configuring a new user and noticing that on 10.3.9, you enable the Script menu using “/Applications/Applescript/Install Script Menu.app

    Applescript Utility.app exists on 10.4.x (and above I presume)

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