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San Francisco 2005 - WWDC and more...

Posted by dom on Wed Jun 15 00:32:35 +0200 2005

I just recently cam back from my trip to San Francisco this year. Here a quick recap:

Our first flight with Air Canada which sadly wasn’t a good experience. Not only that the website tells me that “Some features of this site won’t work because your browser is not compatible.” when I use Safari, moreover all of our flights had delays. Our initial flight from Munich to Toronto had an 5 hour delay which made us sleep 5 hours in the toronto hilton (in one room with 2 beds for 3 people… thanks air canada) and loose one day. And the food on our way back was really really bad. So much about Air Canada.

Thanks to Jonas we could have a look at the offices of Technorati , one of our first customers that bought to buy more than 5 licences of SubEthaEdit , and meet up for dinner with some employees including Niall Kennedy . It was a very nice dinner. Nice to note at that point that we all thought the intel rumors weren’t real. How wrong we were. Next Jonas took us to the computer history museum which was very very nice. Seeing all those really old computers. And while I heard of “slide rules” in my math classes at school (I even happen to have an old one at home) I never heard of sectors . If you (like me) want to know more about it, here you go. Note: wikipedia is still clueless about this meaning of the word sector .


On Saturday, map and I headed for the Aquarium of the Bay while mbo and tuxtina did a bike ride over the Golden Gate Bridge. The aquarium was a very nice experience, map took some very nice pictures . And of course, I guess they found Nemo . ;-)


Then WWDC. Student Sunday. Really my last student sunday, I realize now. Thanks to apple for three years of scholarship! Next year I will have to pay, and will pay, if our company works out as planned. Speaker was Aaron Hillegass , it was my first time to actually listen to him instructing in person (I of course read his books , which I recommend heavily for anyone who wants to start with cocoa or know about Mac OS X unix programming). And know I know he’s worth every penny. If you’re in Europe and have any need, Stefanie Höfling now seems to have become big nerd ranch europe, and there will be more europe trainings. And the end of a very good introduction into Core Data, another treat was given to the students: Wil Shipley from Delicious Monster gave a talk about starting your business and had some nice stories about his own. His opinions, much to my surprise, have been quite compatible to my own. And while my critique still is valid, I still congratulate them to Delicious Library and their design Award(s). People seem to like it despite all that, so it seem Wil made all the right business decisions. And the interesting bit is: There are some many things that are still missing which all translate into new features and upgrades, which in turn again translates into more money. They really have promise. And if you’re a cocoa developer in the US, I think you should think about applying. ;-)

Then the big Intel day. Which was quite saddening for me. One the one hand because the marketplace has gotten rid of just another quite good processor architecture (I don’t like monocultures) and on the other hand because I would have liked to see at least one new product. Sigh. But the good thing is that the move to intel probably is best for users and performance, and very few people have to go down to the yucky instruction set of the x86 architecture. My guess is, that Maklar always outperformed the PowerPCs Apple had, and with the G5 not being able to hit the 3 GHz barrier as promised and moreover not producing a nice mobile processor, they just couldn’t hold up the “Megahertz Myth” anymore. And now we will have really comparable computers. We’ll see if Windows is faster or slower on all the tasks we have. Nobody has to fake benchmarks any more or fight the holy processor war. Yeah.

On Tuesday we hat dinner with Stuart Chesire the inventor of Bolo and wizard of Bonjour . We had the chance to run the way we handle networking in SubEthaEdit , and we’re glad to be able to say he seemed pleased by the way we handling it. Moreover we learned that he is actively using SubEthaEdit with wide area Bonjour already! And everyone that has access to a more or less public dns server under his control can do so. Infos are at dns-sd.org as well as a preference pane for System Preference to enable wide area browsing on Mac OS X. Very nice.

Over the week we got the chance to compile SubEthaEdit on the Intel Transistion Systems, and as map blogged already we were able to produce a universal binary without fixing in SubEthaEdit and a small fix in OgreKit . This transition should be easy. Although rosetta run programs really will have a huge performance hit. I’m thinking about a fourth of native speed, which still is great seeing that it’s done on the fly, integrates superbly and has to emulate a different architecture. The list of already working apps at the WWDC as shown on the white board in the universal lab.

Dom on Segway!

Then finally on Saturday we our chance to take the San Francisco Segway Tour – 3 hours with a Segway. It was very nice and funny, but yet again made it clear to me how useless the Segway is. After the tour my legs ached, it felt like standing in a line for three hours without beeing able to move. Nevertheless the tour was great fun. Afterwards we met up with Jill and Suw and had some nice time in the Biergarten “Zeitgeist” and in Sausalito.

P.S: I really really missed the jamba juice at the WWDC. And I got a cold this time. I think there is a connection. Next year I will pay for WWDC and I expect Jamba juice and better food. Yes. I do. ;-)

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  1. I did warn you not to shake my hand. Hopefully your voice isn’t gone for as long as mine has been. :)

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