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The mouse that still had one button...

Posted by dom on Thu Aug 04 20:35:28 +0200 2005

So. My Mighty Mouse arrived today. And what should I say. To say it looks good would be to unfair. Of course it does, but that’s not the point. The point is that it has some minor and major issues:

  • It is still a one button mouse. This is really an issue. Because all three button events are triggered by the same mechanical mouse click. You really have to concentrate to do a right click. Because the slightest touch of your index finger on the left half of the mouse makes it a left click. So you really have to lift your index finger to do it. That’s simply not ok. Having to learn how to make a correct right click. I always let my middle and index finger lay down on the mouse until I decide to click on something. This really is a problem when e.g. on a website. I want to open the link in a new win….. damn. Mouse thought I didn’t want to and did a left click. Hmmm…. Moreover, the middle click recognition works fine. It too is activated by the same mechanical click, but the pressure on the ball seams better measurable than the position on the surface.
  • Scrolling diagonally via the ball is virtually impossible. But I consider this more of a good thing, because most of the time that’s what you want. left-right or top-down. It would be much more annoying if it always would jiggle a bit in the other direction.
  • Short cord! Great thing. There is nothing as bad as a too long cord on a mac mouse. I loathed my Logitech mouse for having it, at was more than once tempted to just cut the knot that was formed in the middle ;-)
  • Apple admitting that to properly use a Mac a second button and a scroll-something is needed. That political statement is what counts.
  • The squeeze buttons are fine with me and set on application éxpose.
  • The nipple ball performs quite good.
  • Finally I think the mouse sensor performed better before I installed the driver than afterwards.

And something very annoying: after installing the mighty mouse drivers and restarting, my Brightness Control Issue has turned up again. Now I have to try all these little things mentioned in the comments to that article again, to revive it. To be fair, the mouse drivers probably haven’t been the cause. More the restart as such after a fairly long uptime of some weeks. So, off I go…

Update: Hmmm…. brightness issue is still there. And one interesting thing with the Mighty Mouse and Firefox: left-right scrolling does history forward and backward. very annoying. I have yet to find out how to switch that off in firefox….

Update2: The firefox issue can be easily resolved, look at the comments. What cannot be resolved is the issue with stuff like World of Warcraft: Some Applications want you to press both left and right mousebutton… you can’t do that if you have only one…

Update3: Beware of using the mighty mouse ball in iTunes. If I do in my library, it takes 2-5 seconds till iTunes reacts, and cpu % goes up to 100%... and exactly in the application I would like to use the scroll ball most…

4 responses to 'The mouse that still had one button...'

  1. Regarding your FireFox annoyances:

    • go to about:config (i.e. type it in FireFox’ address field)
    • set mousewheel.horizscroll.withnokey.action to 0

    Hope it helps

  2. Regarding the Firefox issues have a look at http://www.russellbeattie.com/notebook/1008561.html#1017588

  3. Thanks for the quick help!

    about:config looks huge in firefox… all those settings to play with ;-)

  4. interclicks (as found in oberon) are officially considered user-unfriendly, so tell the publisher to change the behaviour ;)

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