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svnadd redux

Posted by dom on Fri Aug 05 11:12:49 +0200 2005

An improved version of my svnadd bash alias:
alias svnadd="svn st | grep '^\?' | sed -e 's/\?[ ]*/svn add /g' | see -r -t \"svn st\" -j \"->to sh\" | sh"

2 responses to 'svnadd redux'

  1. Hi, I’m using Typo over Lighttpd.I would like to know how did you get that syntax coloring for sh code???

    I’ve instaled syntax gem and it works fine with ruby code. Would it be possible to translate vim syntax archives??

    I would like a lot to get a tk_actionscript2.rb anywhere…

  2. I do all my syntax coloring on the client side via SubEthaEdit ’s copy as XHTML feature. Best, dom

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