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Mighty Problems - Final Mighty Mouse Comment

Posted by dom on Fri Aug 12 07:24:15 +0200 2005

Now that I have the Mighty Mouse in use for about a week, a final pro / contra list:


  • Short cord
  • Beautiful design
  • The ball works great, and is a big improvement over scrollwheels


  • Just one button. You can’t press more than one button at once (needed for games, and some pro software). You can’t rest your left finger on the mouse while right clicking. It’s counter intuitive: no one expects this mouse to have a different behaviour depending on where you press it (there is no visual clue of the 2 buttonness)
  • The ball seems to send much more events than a scrollwheel, which causes e.g. iTunes to totally suck at responding.
  • The squeeze buttons, although quite hard to active, active accidently on normal movement (because the location of the buttons is the only location you can hold the mouse while clicking). Making things worse, if you put App-Exposé on the squeeze button, there is a way that exposé is activated while dragging something. This in itself is a little bit annoying, but ends up in the total embarrassment : this can bring the window manager down to act like a transparent window is above all other windows, so that no mouse clicks get through anymore. This requires a login/logout. I will file a bug report as soon as I have the exact actions for reproducing this. After this happend twice to me, I disabled the squeeze buttons…

So what could have been a really great move by apple, is a flawed upgrade that finally admits the need of more than one function on a mouse. Apple made a design / functionality tradeoff at the expense of functionality. At least they didn’t make the mouse round again…

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