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SubEthaEdit: Diff.mode

Posted by dom on Wed Aug 17 03:48:26 +0200 2005

I made this a while ago, it has been of great use to me, so I think I'll share it with you:

My SubEthaEdit Diff.mode. To install it as with any mode, drop it into
/Library/Application Support/SubEthaEdit/Modes/
~/Library/Application Support/SubEthaEdit/Modes/
(does anybody know how to link to a subfolder of your home directory?)

Here is what it looks like:
Index: Info.plist
--- Info.plist  (revision 1008)
+++ Info.plist  (revision 1095)
@@ -210,7 +218,7 @@
-   <string>SubEthaEdit 2.1.2, Copyright © 2003-2005, TheCodingMonkeys</string>
+   <string>SubEthaEdit 2.2, Copyright © 2003-2005, TheCodingMonkeys</string>
@@ -226,7 +234,7 @@
-   <string>2.1.2</string>
+   <string>2.2</string>
I use it mostly in conjunction with svn diff:
svn diff | see -m diff

The function pop-up includes the “+ filename” and “@ location,location @” for nice navigation.

Share and Enjoy! Feedback is, as always, very welcome!

4 responses to 'SubEthaEdit: Diff.mode'

  1. ~/Library/Application Support/SubEthaEdit/Modes/ Like this? Works on Safari. (As in 7 E, cf. http://www.december.com/html/spec/esccodes.html)

  2. Sorry to say that this doesn’t work. For one, textile has added some span in there… But even if i clean it here: home->modes it only opens /Library…

  3. Try using a triple-slash at the beginning, not a double-slash.

    And the Textile mess-up didn’t appear in the preview, but it did in the RSS feed. :-(

    file :/// %7E / Application %20 Support / SubEthaEdit / Modes /

    I’ve added spaces in hopes not to confuse Textile.

  4. hmmm… does it work? here it doesn’t. The browsers are telling me “No file exists at the address “/~/Library/Application Support/SubEthaEdit/Modes”. Although the triple slash would be the right thing to do (I just reread the RFC)

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