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Start It Again Mac...

Posted by dom on Fri Aug 26 23:01:53 +0200 2005

Have you ever encountered a Situation where you wanted to start another copy of an Application that is already running?

Start It AgainDo you want Windows Media Player, Real Player or VLC to open more than one video simultaneously?

There is and always was one way to do this: duplicate the Application and run it. But this is cumbersome. But now there is Start It Again !

Just open an Application via:



Launch Again


the dock menu


drag it to the dock icon from the Finder

But be aware: Some Applications have never meant to be run more than once simultaneously, so you’re on your own if you cause a crash. Don’t blame me. This Application is strictly under a use at your own risk licence.

P.S.: inspired by this post made by Ali Ozer

3 responses to 'Start It Again Mac...'

  1. Funny, I needed this very thing just a few days ago. Ended up duplicating the app as you said, meh.

    So, how does it work? Do you cheat Mach into thinking there’s two Mach-O binaries?

  2. Just look at ali ozer’s post . I use NSWorkspace to open the application and use the option he mentioned to make launchservices start the app again.

  3. Oh, right, thanks.

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