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Window handling in Mac OS X is so inconsistent...

Posted by dom on Wed Aug 31 10:51:04 +0200 2005

If you use the cycle through window shortcut in Mac OS X (look under system preferences -> keyboard & mouse -> keyboard shortcuts for the shortcut) then if only one window was in front of the other applications, it stays that way. The current window moves back behind the others, when you cycle through to the next. However, If you reverse cycle through application windows (hold shift), then all the windows you cycle through stay on top of all other applications. Inconsistent and getting on my nerves constantly, as I always work with more than one Application. This really has to improve in the next Mac OS X versions, but I really doubt it. Since Apple seems to care less and less about good consistent UI behaviour…

4 responses to 'Window handling in Mac OS X is so inconsistent...'

  1. Also, reverse-cycling does not work for me in Xcode.

  2. There’s also the fact that when cycling in the Finder it adds an extra window (possibly trying to represent the Desktop?), which is almost totally useless, since all the other finder (and other application) windows are still sitting there blocking the view, but none of them have the front window status.

  3. dom – Which applications have this problem for you, and in which version of Mac OS X? On 10.4.5, this seems to be fixed, at least when testing it for Finder with some of the windows behind Firefox or Mail application windows.

    Like Dustin, I’m also annoyed by the “ghost” finder window when applying “Cycle Through Windows”.

  4. All applications have this problem. do one reverse window cycle through all windows and all windows of the current app are in front of all other apps windows. do one in order window cycle through all windows and boom. everything is the way it was before the cycle.

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