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Microsoft Office 12

Posted by dom on Fri Nov 18 07:30:32 +0100 2005

After my first look at the screenshots of Microsoft Office 12 I was disgusted and thought wtf? But after I watched the promo video and the other stuff on the net, I understood where they are heading. It may not be very good, but I think it will be a big improvement over the previous overloaded UI design. But what really hit me is, that Microsoft is at least trying to change some UI stuff fundamentally.

I mean look at Keynote and Pages. What do we have? Inspectors and Palettes and much too big toolbars. That doesn’t work. It’s annoying in Photoshop, it’s annoying in OmniGraffle and is annyoing in Pages and keynote. Ever tried to edit a keynote presentation on a 12’’ powerbook on 1024×768? No way you can adjust your window setting in a pleasant way to work. Inspectors are old, and while an quite ok idea, the screen clutter they create is really a pain in the as. I really would like to see Apple to innovate in that area. Microsoft did in its own way, by forcing the inspectors in the upper toolbar row and making this row very context sensitive. I think its a big improvement and a step in the right direction. It will be very interesting what the next Office for mac will look like.

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