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Apple Bug Report Friday: Safari: Canvas element.

Posted by dom on Sat Dec 03 21:24:49 +0100 2005

My first entry for the Apple Bug Report Friday, may seem to be a nuisance, but IMHO really symptomatic for Mac OS X.

Bug #4364207

Vector art of the canvas element gets rasterized on print

look at here

there is a perfectly drawn vector monkey. real nice. now you want to have that in pdf. Simply press print and preview? sadly no. then you get a pixel image, although the canvas element is filled using vector commands.

This is getting quite frustrating. There is Mac OS X with Quartz, so potentially everything is vector, and could be full quality. Vector graphics really is treated stepmotherly all over the place. All the technology is in place, please provide the tool-chain to actually get out as much vector art as possible, without all that rasterization. Much of the time it is easier to get decent vector art on my old Risc OS machine than on my Mac.

sidenote: please make the svg support right. so you can put svgs in img tags and as well print them as vector art.

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