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Joel on Interns

Posted by dom on Tue Dec 06 09:46:32 +0100 2005

I watched my copy of Project Aardvark yesterday. BTW: really nice blog layout. When I first heard of that Joel Spolsky was making a documentary about an internship at FogCreek software, I instantly ordered my copy. Well, after I watched the trailer ;-).

After watching the film I have to say I really liked it. Although I would have loved to see more coding and coding problems and less fun-making. Nevertheless a very enjoyable film, and Paul Graham’s guest appearance really is a plus. The quote I enjoyed most was by Aaron Swartz :

You have this experience to this outside world, right. And like, you sat down and you’ve built software that seems useful. You feel like, well, you could be part of this outside world, you don’t have to be in this sort of fake world of school doing what: you know, some silly assignment that has no real purpose. You could build something that’s actually useful. You can go put it up to your website and people can really use ist. So I think thats what you really like. If you can build something real, why spend time doing stuff that’s fake?

So go ahead and buy it! I’d like to see more of this type of documentaries!

2 responses to 'Joel on Interns'

  1. You could always try startup.com (www.startupdotcom.de/dvd) – tommy might have a copy?

  2. Yes, that was a great one.

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