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Apple Bug Report Someday: Application Activation fails in certain occasions

Posted by dom on Mon Dec 12 16:39:56 +0100 2005

Bug #4364207


If you change between applications, and do the activation click as a cancellation of a context menu you generated via a right click, then the application can’t be activated anymore and the menu bar does not react.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. open Textedit and a new window
  2. open Finder
  3. make sure the finder is active and the textedit window is visible
  4. right click on the textedit window in the text area, see the standard context menu of a TextView
  5. now cancel that menu by left clicking somewhere in the textedit window
  6. see the textedit window raise, but the window is not activated, neither is the menu of textedit shown
  7. now you can switch between windows of textedit and nothing works
  8. if you press apple-b for bold, then the menu blinks and appears, but only certain items are enabled, and most of them don’t do any work

Expected Results:

After cancellation of the context menu I expect normal activation of this window and app

Actual Results:

The application gets into some kind of almost-active zombie mode, that can only be escaped via changing to another application and back


This behaviour can be reproduced also with safari or any other app that produces a context menu on right-click.

Please please don’t fix this feature by first activating the app and then sending the right click. This would be a real bad behaviour too.

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