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My #&!+9$!# iMac 20''

Posted by dom on Sun Dec 18 11:54:55 +0100 2005

I’m totally out of luck with my Macs. Every Mac I owned had its problems. First the iBook G3 (first white iBook), logic board failure. Then my powerbook: a broken RAM that wasn’t detectible via tests, but shuffled some bits on my harddisk, and every two to three month my machine was broken because of that. Then the Powerbook 12’’ for my mother. Had some sleeping problems – sometimes didn’t goto sleep, sometimes hung in an endless loop with full fan activity when put to sleep. And the iMac 20’’ for my father. I encountered the problem described in this knowledge base article . Ok, so repair was the way to go. Yes it was repaired and it was on warranty. But now, some month later, the same problem again? WTF? did they replace the parts with the same faulty but newer ones? I don’t know, and hope that the repair extension program still is in place and will make this repair cost free. I really hope this.

Boot Screen
Boot Screen

This is where all ends...
Here we get stuck…

Boot Screen
Single User Boot

Update: The first time I actually get an error code from the Apple Hardware Test: 2NVD/1/4: 2103 – probably the nvidia graphics card…
Hardware Test Results
The barely readable results of the Apple Hardware Test

Update: the iMac got repaired quickly and on warranty. Hope this time in wil work a little bit longer than just a few month…

2 responses to 'My #&!+9$!# iMac 20'''

  1. I had exactly the same problem with my iMac G5 back in April (even the same error code in the hardware test), and it turned out to be blown/leaking capacitors, so I got the logic board replaced under warranty – I’m pretty sure you should get it replaced for free too under the extension program.

    Now, 8 months later, the screen’s stopped working, about a month out of warranty…

    ... I feel your pain :-(

  2. I have seen those leaking capacitors on the motherboard of my almost dead imac. I am experiencing troubles since yesterday, i was able to boot up onnce or twice from cd and firewire HD by leaving empty one RAM slot, but finally I was not able to bring out of the imac all my work. Do you know if the warranty service includes a Backup of the current data on HD,or do they just format away the machine to get shure they did a good job?

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