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My new MacBook Pro...

Posted by dom on Wed Jan 11 09:29:50 +0100 2006

I just ordered mine. My now over three years old TiBook just has to be replaced. Although the new name made me think twice. However, for those of you in Europe thinking of buying one and wondering what “February” means: This is what the german apple store predicts (and I made my order the earliest point it was possible, 8.00 o’clock in the morning, hanging 25 minutes in the waiting loop. I had to make it via phone to use my ADC-Select Hardware discount)

Ihre Bestellung wird voraussichtlich am 15.02.2006 versendet.

And some thoughts on the keynote:

  • Why the hell did steve show safari as a speed benchmark after photoshop?
  • I would have never thought they replace the new iMac models this quickly.
  • Is the fast iMac now the fastes Mac? I surely bet so
  • Enjoy the speed bump folks, we won’t see another speed bump that gets even close to twice as fast any time soon.
  • Wood or marble 3D charts in iWork? I’m sorry, somebody lost it’s taste there…
  • I want my numbers… but at least now I can use Pages instead of word for my invoices (calculated values in tables), yay. After I pay another 79 EUR

Update: Oopsi, closing the lid sends the current ones into nirvana, look at these comments – hopefully they fix all issues until they ship.

5 responses to 'My new MacBook Pro...'

  1. Good for you! Makes me almost regret not waiting for it :)

    My PowerBook came with iWork installed, so you might get lucky and not have to shell out the additional €79.

  2. Really? With a license? The apple page clearly states:

    iLife ’06 (includes iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie HD, iDVD, iWeb, GarageBand), Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac Test Drive, iWork ’06 (30-day trial), QuickBooks for Mac New User Edition, Comic Life, FileMaker Pro trial, Omni Outliner

    So just a 30-day trial…

  3. Why he showed Safari as a benchmark? That was the Intel Safari.

    Go to a fairly recent Mac – say a PowerBook or a Mac mini – and load any page in Safari. Then go to a Windows PC and load the same page in IE or Firefox. Cringe and cry for a while. And then realize that that difference – one of the last real holdouts of Mac falling behind – is now effectively gone.

  4. oh really? You think IE and Firefox on Windows are quicker than Safari on Mac at the moment? The last time I checked on my brothers Wintel machine that was not the case. But to be fair his machine is about 2 years old too.

  5. Well, my one year old PowerBook and another two-month-old PowerBook (that a friend owns) both perform like absolute slugs when compared to IE or Firefox on any PC in this household, and they are from three years to six months old. So no, I don’t just think so – based on what I’ve seen, I’m convinced.

    I’m not saying it’s the same case on a PowerMac or on a recent iMac, but there are a lot of Macs out there that haven’t got G5s in them. Furthermore, I’m not saying it’s faster at everything. I’m just saying that there’s a huge difference in loading speed, and a change in that makes an enormous impact. I’m certainly surprised that you don’t see a difference like that when you have a TiBook.

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