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SubEthaEdit 2.3 and BugShelf

Posted by dom on Mon Feb 06 17:19:38 +0100 2006

It’s out, we released SubEthaEdit 2.3 today. Check it out. It’s full of improved UI and over 35 fixes, changes and additions – we also changed our license from free for non commercial use to free trial only.

Which brings me to my next subject: BugTracking. You know we used Atlassian’s Jira for quite some time now and were very outspoken about it. We want to thank them again for providing us with their great bugtracker. But since we changed from initially free software to the full commercial software now, this time is over. And although we really like Jira over the time we developed some urges for some ajax goodness, had some own ideas and felt that Jira was a little over the top for us. So this is what we did: we did our own Bugtracker – which is trimmed for simplicity yet have as much features as we needed. First thing you will note is, that it isn’t totally public anymore. Much like Apple’s bugreport.apple.com you can only see the bugs you reported. But I stepped it up a bit in that you can also see the bugs you reported duplicates for. And of course you don’t need to register to report a bug. However, if you report a bug and provide an email address, you can register using the confirmation email. And we have tags ;-).

We migrated all our Jira data and accounts, so if you had an old account, you can use it again to check up on all your reported bugs. All the old bugs are there, we changed the HYR-XXX naming scheme to SEE-XXX while keeping the numbers.

So that’s it, no more java on our little server. Please tell us what you like / dislike about SubEthaEdit at our Feedback form and file bugs and feature requests at our BugShelf .

5 responses to 'SubEthaEdit 2.3 and BugShelf'

  1. A pity that you changed your license.

    And the link to the release notes asks for a username and a password.

  2. Wow… tag/label support in JIRA would be awesome. (I work at Atlassian, so use JIRA every day.)

    I’m looking at rolling out a public instance of JIRA elsewhere, but we just have to get some logistical issues ironed out…

    I like the look of your new bug tracker, though. It’s quite distinctive. The display of “projects” and their icon(s) on the front page is quite cool, too. I wish JIRA did that. :)

  3. @Patrice: oopsie, the release notes link was wrong. sorry for that.

    @Jeremy: Yes tags support is quite nice, we come to love it already.

  4. well, as a student i can’t really afford another 35$. enjoyed the educational license while it lasted.

  5. @nicholas: As you might have seen, our educational pricing is $19.95 – and of course you can still use the version 2.2 under the old license.

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