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MacBook Pro - Sleeping / VLC crash

Posted by dom on Wed Mar 01 13:45:49 +0100 2006

Just two Things:

First, my MacBook Pro sometimes wakes from sleep very slowly – something I didn’t experience with my TiBook. My guess is that this is related to hibernation, although I don’t know why the machine would hibernate when the batteries are nearly full. We are talking about 10-15 seconds here to show me the display instead of the usual few.

Second, my use of the VLC nightly build of February 23rd came to an astounding halt, show the display in a state that I only know from turning of my GameBoy Advance (that slow fade to white). It happend after i hid VLC while being in the middle of a show – then some half our later I clicked on it. Pictures taken with my N70:

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  1. After all it turns out to be a wise decision not to be such an “early bird”... Guess, I’ll grab the next revision.

    Dominik, did you ever try to check your Book’s current ‘sleep mode’ or to toggle them?



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