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Wocoa Frankfurt 2006

Posted by dom on Mon Apr 10 11:53:46 +0200 2006

As mentioned on the TheCodingMonkeys Company Blog we’ve been to the Wocoa in Frankfurt. Although it was quite disorganized this time, we had some nice talks and I still would recommend the Event to anyone into cocoa or webobjects in germany / europe. Always a great place for socialising with fellow enthusiasts / programmers working in the field.

Mine and mbo’s photos can be found on flickr via the tag wocoa – I encourage the other attendees to also post their pictures there. And also to use OpenBC to add everyone. After all its all about networking :).

And I was happy to hear about Big Nerd Ranch Europe is holding a Ruby on Rails Bootcamp in Frankfurt. I encourage anyone that is interested in Ruby on Rails and has some training budget to keep an eye for their high quality classes.

Wocoa in der Bar Celona in Frankfurt

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  2. Ja, ich werde trackbacks jetzt ausmachen. ist ja totaler mist.

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