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CocoaDevHouse Munich: Results

Posted by dom on Sun Jul 02 14:14:46 +0200 2006

It has been already a week now since CocoaDevHouse Munich happened. It was a great event – big thanks to Boinx for hosting it.

I worked together with Achim of Boinx on a Quartz-Composer only variant of Tetris. It was great fun, and although we had the game working on Saturday I spent some extra hours on Sunday to polish it so it can be released. But somehow I forgot to put it only somewhere ;). So here you go, the fruit of our labor: Compositris

We have been inspired by the AsteroidsQC that can be found on quartzcompositions.com. A great resource for nice compositions.

Be aware that Compositris is very demanding, best played on an intel Mac with built-in iSight. Achim was keen on doing much more visual stuff (neatly remove lines, and I already saw a great start game animation) and I’ll hope we get his enhanced version soon ;).

On another sidenote: I recently started the company Shelf Cloud which will soon offer reasonable priced Subversion hosting at Versionshelf.com – and we were happy to provide a repository for CocoaDevHouse Munich. If one or all of the other Dev Houses is interested we’ll add their attendees to the list of users for the repository we created or give an organisator admin access. I think it would be great if work on the started projects would continue between the dev houses, and versioning is a great tool for that.

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  1. This is amazing! I thought this was never going to happen.


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