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IB Wisdom: who knew?

Posted by dom on Wed Jul 05 18:37:07 +0200 2006

Here I am, 3 years developing cocoa applications and working with Interface builder. And always I hated the fact that I had to resize all the interface elements when I wanted a different default window size. Little did I know that you actually can resize a window in IB with all the subviews autoresizing. Did you know this? And if, why didn’t you tell me?

Just hold ctrl while resizing. That does the trick. Haven’t that found documented anywhere, though.

5 responses to 'IB Wisdom: who knew?'

  1. I think it might have been mentioned in the release notes for IB a couple of years ago. It pays to read those release notes thoroughly! :-)

  2. Wow. I use IB every day, and I had no idea. Thanks so much for this incredible time-saver.

  3. EUREKA! < slaps forehead >

    I do recall tring a few other key combos, but not Control + Drag. Thanks!

  4. Well not exactly documented, but it is mentioned in Mark Dalrymple’s Borkware Miniblog. He’s got a nice movie of the effects.


  5. DUH. Saw it used by someone demoing NS eons ago. Never recalled it until now. Thanks!

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