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WWDC 2006 Keynote

Posted by dom on Tue Aug 08 10:02:45 +0200 2006

Hmmm… am I the only one that is a little bit underwhelmed by this Keynote? Mac Pro and Xserves, alright. They are at a good price point too. That they are “only” 2 times faster than the current fastest G5s kind of is a good testament to the G5. It seems it really was a nice Chip after all. Just too big and too hot.

What have we got. Well, notes in Mail ? WTF? Sounds like a feature Steve wanted. It doesn’t make much sense to me. A global To-Do list “Server” on the other hand sounds great, but putting the to-do lists mainly in mail on the other hand doesn’t really. But I love how the global Address Book turned out, so let’s hope they did it equally well. But Stationery in Mail? Yes my mother will love that (if it looks great in outlook on the receiving side and doesn’t get caught in the standard spam filters), but is that innovation? I don’t get the audience clapping on that.

Time Machine . I have very mixed thoughts on that. Could be great could be horrible. I hopes it comes with a successor to HFS+. And the UI? What’s up with that? I imagine a dual screen setup, and then an itsy bitsy tiny wheeny Address Book window in the middle. That just doesn’t work right. They wanted to show Core Animation , alright, but please please change that UI.

Time Machine UI

iChat Theater as well as screen sharing is IMHO the real deal. The first one makes video chatting so much more useful, the latter is ideal for support, which I need to give regularily to my mother and friends I brought to the mac. Real great. I hope it works faster than VNC and Apple Remote Desktop today.

And all that mocking about Redmond: Okay, Microsoft copies stuff. They do. But hey, now Apple postponed Leopard too. At least until Spring. I mean okay, we had a transition to Intel in between, that was much work. So be it. But Mac OS X is far from golden. There are so many things not working right, or as good as they could, please focus on that. Finder, Trashes, SMB-Support, Window Handling, OpenGL Speed, the Dock (when will it finally springload?), iChat AV connectivity, Laptop Heat, and and and. So stop mocking and continue working I say. I hope some of the Top Secret no-shows are really great, and the reason for not showing is not that they are just much too far from ready.

So what I’m looking forward to? iChat, Xcode 3.0, Objective-C 2.0, finally a significant update for Interface builder and of course, the top secret stuff. But what I’m really sad about is: With that timeframe, the next WWDC won’t be very interesting.

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