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MP4 video to crash Quicktime and therefore Safari with it...

Posted by dom on Wed Oct 11 15:30:58 +0200 2006

The German popular video-blog Ehrensenf regularily posts MP4 videos in Quicktime that crash on Intel Macs. I filed a bug under rdar://4578460 on 08-Jun-2006 04:59 PM and it is still there. Embarrassing Apple. Really. Why am I writing this now? I got my Intel iMac because my DreckBook Pro needs a Major repair – don’t ask – and I wanted to watch this Ehrensenf Episode while copying stuff. And Booom – there goes the crash. I hope I can post some nice Apple things soon. Maybe when my DreckBook Pro comes back and is fully healed… for now I’ll watch Ehrensenf using Flip4Mac and WMV. What a shame.

And for the interested: the relevant part of the crash report:
Thread 11 Crashed:
0   ...le.QuickTimeMPEG4.component     0x98cd45c1 Reconstruct_8x8(unsigned char*, int, unsigned char*, int, short*, unsigned char, unsigned char, unsigned char, int, unsigned char const*) + 261
1   ...le.QuickTimeMPEG4.component     0x98cfe288 DecodeMBInter(int, int, short*, short*, unsigned char, macroblock_stuff*, INSTANCE_DECO*) + 1206
2   ...le.QuickTimeMPEG4.component     0x98cffbdc ReadACombinedVideoPacketSimple(long*, frame*, frame*, INSTANCE_DECO*) + 3052
3   ...le.QuickTimeMPEG4.component     0x98d01cae MPEG4DMPR_Decompress(WorkInfo*, INSTANCE_DECO*) + 2942
4   ...le.QuickTimeMPEG4.component     0x98cf5710 MPEG4_DDrawBand + 50
5   ...ple.CoreServices.CarbonCore     0x90ccbd57 CallComponentFunctionCommon + 513
6   ...le.QuickTimeMPEG4.component     0x98cf5106 MPEG4_DComponentDispatch + 176
7   ...ple.CoreServices.CarbonCore     0x90ccba3c CallComponentDispatch + 34
8   ...ickTimeComponents.component     0x98754639 ImageCodecDrawBand + 43
9   ...ickTimeComponents.component     0x97edc9dd BaseCodec_DecompressWorkFunction + 1006
10  ...ple.CoreServices.CarbonCore     0x90cd7bf8 InvokeComponentMPWorkFunctionUPP + 22
11  ...ickTimeComponents.component     0x97edaa83 BaseCodec_DecompressCallBack_Common + 1014
12  com.apple.QuickTime                0x9436482d ExecuteCallBack_priv + 125
13  ...ple.CoreServices.CarbonCore     0x90cdec97 InvokeDeferredTaskUPP + 15
14  ...ple.CoreServices.CarbonCore     0x90ce7bec DeferredTaskThread + 120
15  libSystem.B.dylib                  0x90023d87 _pthread_body + 84

6 responses to 'MP4 video to crash Quicktime and therefore Safari with it...'

  1. Hi,

    what kind of repair is your MBP in for?

    I bought mine (1.83GHz 2GB) end of May and the “only” issue I have is the heat. My right fan has died after making a funny noise (the bearing is finished) for some time and won’t work anymore. I even got my MBP to deliberately crash because of overheating while sitting on a carpet (waiting for the crash).

    I’m not sure if I get a new fan or a new mainboard from Apple. I heard about exchanging the mainboard if there were severe heat issues. Do you have an idea?

    Of course, the temperature sensors seem also to be broken. I always get 70 degrees Celsius, even after a restart. They worked some time in the past displaying up to 100 degree C before the crash (shutdown).

    BTW, I get the same crash in Safari after a while. I’m running Saft. In QuickTime, playing the downloaded movie, I won’t get a crash.

    Cheers, Michael

  2. Okay, you asked: My MacBook Pro just turns itself off if it likes too. Sometimes it even blinks with its sleeplight at me. Sometimes it restarts. Sometimes the screen goes black. In this mode i can even trigger the sleep light when closing the lid. When opening the lid again the light vanishes, but the screen stays black. Also the machine doesn’t respond to any basic stuff, so it’s not just the display (which btw: already has been replaced).

    I did all the usual vodoo stuff (PRAM and Powermanager reset, the latter made the symptom disappear for 3 days). Moreover the right speaker is totally distorted, the SuperDrive kills most of the DVD it burns, the light sensor has issues and works only sometimes.

    I hope they replace most of the MBP, this is really a lousy peace of hardware.

    On my mac, the movie also crashes the Quicktime Player when I download the mp4 instead of watching it in the browser.

  3. Oh, this time QuicktimePlayer survives. Only safari crashes. Interesting but not less enerving/disturbing.

  4. The movie doesn’t crash Safari on my machine. MacBook Pro, 10.4.8.

  5. I think as long this bug isn’t fixed I’ll have to keep my ol’ powerbook. Watching Ehrensenf with Flip4Mac – never! :-)

  6. ...or even better, don’t watch Ehrensenf, watch RocketBoom 2.0 instead!

    Hope that helps. ;-)

    Let’s just hope Leopard will fix the bigger part of bugs we still have to live with in Tiger.

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