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Wii - some afterthoughts

Posted by dom on Mon Dec 25 15:36:19 +0100 2006

So I got my wii on the first day – here are some random thoughts about it:

Wii Play: Okay, what do you expect from a game that actually is thrown in with a controller. But seriously: most of the games would just need a little improvement to be really cool.

Rayman Raving Rabbits: This one I really like. It really shows what Wii Play could have been if they hat put more finish on the mini games.

Internet Channel: looks promising. What’s bad though is that it doesn’t support Bonjour. WHY? just so I have to enter instead of brainy.local? Really Wii, just add Bonjour and you become my media center. I feel the urge to find a remote iTunes flash app, and a nice foto browser for iPhoto that just works web based and I got most of my media on TV – jay.

Zelda: Really nice. But more an evolution than an revolution. And Zelda really shows that more graphic power wouldn’t have hurt. It kind of feels like the blurry graphics of the N64 Zelda that always kept me from playing it. However I enjoy it a lot and forgive the wishi washiness of the graphics. I’m really looking forward to metroid on.

The Controller: What I really don’t like is, that if you have a game that uses the nunchuck, both of your hands are tied to the controller. you can’t just get a bite or a drink because either you can’t steer or you can’t move. hmmm. And I really like my junk food and drink when I play games.

Wii Sports: Tennis is kind of way to blurry to control. I really had higher hopes for it. But Baseball and especially golf are great.

Mii Channel: nice gimmick but what gives? I’d really like more support and use for them.

Wii Console Codes: It’s really a shame that both ends have to enter their respective wii codes to be able to send each other stuff. A simple invite and deny variant would have been way better. And I’m really hoping for great online gaming experiences. I hope spore goes wild on wii. Promising but far from impressive at the moment.

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