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Apple Introduces: Fixed width Pixel Fonts!

Posted by dom on Mon Apr 16 01:59:11 +0200 2007

What the hell is happening in the Apple Pro App department? While Color might be a really great tool – why the heck did they use Amiga style fixed width pixel fonts all around the interface? Are we back to the days where Pro Tools have to look ugly, because they are Pro? Or did the Pro guys just not listen to Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Speech of 2005 – just wondering…
pro app fixed width pixel fonts

1 response to 'Apple Introduces: Fixed width Pixel Fonts!'

  1. because FinalTouch is initially a GLUT/OpenMotif enabled, pure GL app that was designed to run with a cross-platform, bare UI, on IRIX, Linux and OS X. This landscape is not ripe on font rendering systems, sheesh – this is X11 man.

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