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Posted by dom on Wed Jul 11 00:41:01 +0200 2007

Thanks to the imported iPhone of Alexander Olma of iPhoneBlog.de today I got my hands on an iPhone. And thanks to the nice hackers that provided a way of activating it without buying an AT&T contract. Of course we did talk about it at our german podcast, Bitsundso

My impressions:

  • everthing is way smaller as seen on the screenshots. I knew that the iPhone had a high resolution display, but everything was quite a bit smaller as I expected
  • the browser works great, however, selecting and deleting in large text areas really is missing. But I could post a nice bugreport at codingmonkeys.de/bugs and all the nice javascripty features worked fine
  • it really is super responsive. Especially the speed of flicking through the images on the phone was astounding. A big big contrast to every smartphone i used before.
  • the keyboard works great. I was able to instantly write long english notes quickly in the notes application with two thumbs. And even unknown words are easy to type if you do the push, move until the correct key is shown lift your finger then trick
  • I was surprised that the youtube app wouldn’t work without a sim card, obviously it looks for EDGE first which isn’t even an option without a sim card
  • it streams podcast nicely when going through the feeds with enclosure – however – no chapter marks or images for enhanced podcasts.
  • the calculater app is missing a possiblity to export the calculated number – again because of the lack of a copy and paste mechanism
  • the sms app misses a character count, so no way of knowing if you are over the 160 characters per sms. And because of the missing sim card I couldn’t test if it justs sends more than one message or merges longer messages as the nokia does.
  • although everything is quite small, all the buttons and even links in webpages are easy to hit, and hard to miss.
  • the mail app seems to miss a sent folder for pop accounts, i hope it has one for imap accounts
  • even when sending mails while in another app, the familiar Mac OS X mail sent sounds confirms that the mail was sent later on
  • great detail has been put in the way navigating works. Especially the way it animates when coming to boundaries when scrolling or zooming.

All in all a very nice device, and nothing short of what apple announced. I’m really looking forward to the european launch and I think I will be an instant buyer.

2 responses to 'iPhone'

  1. hey dom. actually, after syncing here at home there is a send folder now even for the my pop-account

  2. The SMS should be merged (concatenated), and not several individual messages. This is standard in GSM, and I’m sure the iPhone respects that.

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