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SubEthaEdit 2.6.4 is out

Posted by dom on Wed Jul 11 18:55:28 +0200 2007

Mainly a bugfix release. But I especially like the triple click selection for strings and variables. Check it out! SubEthaEdit 2.6.4 – Full release notes – here an excerpt of the more interesting ones:

Additions/New Features

  • Added the AppleScript command "show" to the document. "show" will show the frontmost window / tab of a document.
  • Added the system wide show animation for selecting found text on Leopard
  • Triple click now selects up to style boundaries. E.g. strings, variables.
  • Save dialog now preselects filename without extension


  • When removing a split now, instead of the cursor position of the upper text view, the cursor position of the active text view is taken
  • Changed "Check Syntax" in all modes. It now should work with all encodings and with tabs.
  • Improved the syntax highlighting in Perl Mode
  • Improved Objective-C Mode to include support for Objective-C 2.0
  • Improved a behaviour where new windows would open across screens, now new windows open on the screen of the topmost window.
  • The report a bug menu item in the help menu now directly selects SubEthaEdit and the correct version in our bugtracker.

6 responses to 'SubEthaEdit 2.6.4 is out'

  1. Ah, what you list here as a new feature is what I submitted recently as a “bug”. =)

    The Triple-Click for strings is a good idea, but I use this sooo often to copy a whole line it’s quite hard to de-learn that. My suggestion was to keep triple-klick to select a whole line, BUT if you triple-klick a string or variable, THEN SubEthaEdit only selects this portion.

    Yes, this is not too consistent, but given that most other apps treat triple-click as “select whole line” this could be an option.

    Thanks anyway for the great Editor!

  2. Thanks for the feedback. As I said we relly like this feature, and adding it so the clicks at least behave ascending seemed to be the most consistent way of doing things. We tried to be more context-sensitive, but that makes the behaviour more or less unpredictable or needs many explanations / options. Maybe we’ll add an option in the edit prefrences for that behaviour. And we’re happy to get feedback about it!

  3. I wrote in your partner’s blog that I just quit using your products and will no longer buy any more due to Martin’s vulgar personal blog. His thoughts are quite offensive to the Americans, British, Israelis, and Spanish and I feel ill using his software. I will delete all copies from my computer and feel much better using another product even though not as good as yours. I don’t even know how a person of his lousy logic can program such great products. Anyway, I just wanted you to know in case you were re-thinking your relationship with him

  4. I really have a strong belief in free speech and thinking on your own. And the thougts of my business partner do an excellent job in raising interesting points.

    I’m sorry that you can’t be tolerant enough to use our software despite different political opinions. However I also believe in voting with your purse (e.g. when it comes to organic products or other stuff) and standing to ones convictions. So on some level I respect your decision. But I totally differ in regards to martin. I think he is neither offensive nor vulgar, and I would appreciate if you would stop offending him by saying that.

  5. hahahaa!!!! Not as good an answer as his, but bearable. Thanks for a “middle of the road” answer. I am sure you agree that “free speech” does not afford a person to say anything/everything. There must be some level of etiquette in a civilized society. Saying that the murderer of my friends is a swell guy is offensive to me and allows me the right to my free speech to say so. Yes, I agree with voting with my purse and to sticking to my convictions. Thanks for noticing that. btw, I’ve recently gone organic as well and love what it’s done for me physically and mentally. Take Care.

  6. Just to state facts: martin never supported murder or murderers or told anyone that murderers are good guys. To quote him like this kind of falls short of the level of etiquette you mentioned.

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