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SubEthaEdit 3.0.2 released today

Posted by dom on Wed Dec 05 01:21:56 +0100 2007

SubEthaEdit 3.0.2This is “just” a point release – but we put in much effort to find many little annoying crashes which hid in special cases. There is nothing more unsatisfying than a crashing product. We know that and are very thankful of your bug reports which let us find out and fix the ones that are harder to reproduce. We especially want to thank the ones of you that take the time and reduce the problem to something that is reproducible.

So go ahead and grab the update via “SubEthaEdit -> Check for updates…” or directly via our Website . For your feature requests or bug reports please take the time and enter them into our Bugtracker – or just give us feedback via our Feedback Form – we value your input and feedback very much.

1 response to 'SubEthaEdit 3.0.2 released today'

  1. This is great news! Though it would be also great to have a standalone SubEthaServer which runs on Linux and Freebsd. Meh, this would be too cool :)

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